Retrospective Series Special Guest Karelia Stetz-Waters

June 24, 2017

This mild mannered English professor surely has a way with words, from an elevator speech with maximum shock factor to quirky combinations of words you would have never expected. This quote is one of my favorites. "Jared shot out of a cabin like a Kind doll in a slingshot." Fun fact: If you are attending the GCLS Conference in Chicago you might have a chance to slingshot a real Ken doll during her presentation. Press play to enjoy our trip down memory lane as we discuss her body of work. 


Resisterhood Debut with Beth and Carleen

June 23, 2017

Carleen and Beth join me to talk about the p-word. Mind outta the gutter...we discussed politics. The Resisterhood is about sharing our political points of view on current events. The debut episode covers the birth of persistent widespread activism in the era of Trump.